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zaterdag 14 juli 2012

The horror, the horror

Looking from the Rue Neuve to the Monster Building of the national Phone Company

HOW TO PLAY with a world in fiber !

Place de la Monnaie

Follow that tower !!

An answer I often use when tourists ask me where the Grand Place is !

Here comes the sun ....

Madame Chapeau, victime de l’austérité!

On South street, la rue du Midi

The second photo is of the art academy, never liked this building, so never went there!

The Rouppe Place

La Place Rouppe Victoire

Google to find out why I am a fan of this alley

While walking on the avenue Stalingrad my eyes got really distracted!

HOW TO PRAY on an avenue called STALINgrad

SHOPS and DISPLAYS between the Stalingrad Avenue and the South street