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dinsdag 14 mei 2013

I am a Bunny !!!

Rabbit doll by Theresa Williams, USA
in the room of the animals (Tarantino, Buzz and Nero)
with access to the garden thru cat door

A mail art envelope containing a rabbit doll

Mail art from Theresa Williams, USA


Theresa's doll in my garden


Back of Theresa's doll a,ogst garden plants and some spring mint
and new blooming flowers

Rabbit doll in a Brussels' garden

Rabbit doll by Theresa Williams, USA

Buzz and Nero examining Theresa's rabbit doll

The travels of a rabbit doll

Mail art doll made by Theresa Williams, USA
at the Grelha restaurant in Brussels

vrijdag 3 mei 2013

A dinner at The Grelha

Guido and Philippe, photo by Nuno
17 April 2013
While eating a unique dinner and wine (lamprey fish and a red vinho verde)

Minutes before I fainted (drop of sugar levels, blood pressure and minor heart attack)

A doll

From Marianne Dedecker, Belgium