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vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

In Binche

From Lavona Sherarts, USA
Sculpture of a Gilles de Binche

Detail of my Chicago T-shirt

From Lavona Sherarts, USA, photo recycled into postcards

Machelen Brabant

From Lavona Sherarts, USA, photo of house in Machelen with mural painting, recycled into an envelope


From Lavona Sherarts, USA
Photos and detail from door present Jazz Station in my neighborhood, before renovation works

Bird house with bakery

From Lavona Sherarts, USA

zondag 7 oktober 2012

All kind of flags

3 flags draped on one another and hanging from a wardrobe

The disappearance of bees

Photo of a larger painting-collage I made on the problem of the disappearance of natural pollinators
Mailed to Zois Elizabeth, USA

A rabbit on the wall

Since weeks a huge black rabbit is visiting on the walls of my garden and eating of the leaves.
My 2 cats have accepted this intruder and leave him in peace.

Drinking water

T, Oct 2012

Sleeping friends

Buzz and Tm Oct 2012

zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

It is easier to be friends with a crocodile than with any world leader

From Akerele Oladipupo

Deep in the Costa Rican jungle, a fisherman named Chito discovered a crocodile that had been shot in the eye by a cattle farmer and left for dead. Chito was able to drag the massive reptile into his boat and brought him to his home, where he stayed by his side for months, nursing him back to health. He named the croc Pocho. “I stayed by Pocho’s side while he was ill, sleeping next to him at night
Pocho is roughly 5.18 meters (17 feet) long. He and Chito play, wrestle and hug on a daily basis. That bond, Chito said, took years to forge.