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dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Flooded TROY

From Zois Elizabeth, USA, photos after the passing of hurricane Irene
& this message:
"Living near the Hudson River, many flood events and small pockets of evacuations have to be watched. 950,000 people around New York state are without electricity. People have lost things in flooded cellars.
It is hard on a lot of people. Nothing like war though where it's this many times worse."

My family in Wisconsin where I used to live

From Anne Braunschweig, USA (who moved to New Mexico)

Family Portrait

Little Debbie, grandma, Kitty, dad & mom, uncle Ben, aunt Jemima and baby Ruth
Made in 1976-79, portrait by Richard C, who mailed me this on a postcard, in the Mississipi Museum of Art

maandag 29 augustus 2011


From Wilma Duguay, Canada


From Superhero, USA
Man, am I glad that some people at least are making fun of comtemporary art!
I nominated this for the Turner Price by the way (GV)

Second photo: alteration of ice cream by the rain


A pic for you for your blog - The African Shembe Church is marching over a new leader - this image taken an hour ago from close to my lecture room window :-)

From Cheyl Penn, South Africa

zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

Homeless by Tilly (1)

Photos on the condition of homeless people, by Tilly Rivers

Homeless by Tilly (2)

Photos by Tilly Rivers, homeless project

Homeless by Tilly (3)

Photos by Tilly Rivers who has a photo project on homeless people

Homeless by Tilly (4)

When I saw these incredible photos by Tilly Rivers on Facebook, I asked her permission to upload them on this blog and she agreed if I gave her the credit of her own work. Cela va de soi, Tilly!

woensdag 17 augustus 2011


From Superhero, USA. His wife Amanda and children's nature trolley.
Amanda and daughter Charlotte.
Charlotte and Gabriel who died at age 4. August 7 is his birthday.
Charlotte behind tree and 2 photos of Gabriel.